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The Meade Foundation

“The Lord your God is the one who makes you wealthy”

Deuteronomy 8:18


Dear Friends,

It has been more than 145 years since Meade Memorial Episcopal Church, this extraordinary parish, began offering spritual services to a black community in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Meade Memorial Episcopal Church has served it members throughout its history as the only predominatly black Episcopal Church in Northern Virginia. Meade members have served and continue to serve the community and the Episcopal Church on boards and commissions and by participating in regional and Diocesan activities. Meade Memorial Episcopal Church is a historic Church supported by a congregation that includes descendants of the founders of this parish as well as many other long time members. It is our hope that you will support this wonderful insitution by becoming involved with the Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Foundation.

This pamphlet is published to give you information about the Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Foundation. We hope that you find detailed explantions about the types of gifts that you can make and the advantages these gifts will offer Meade Memorial Episcopal Church.

Kindly donate to support the Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Foundation.


Collins E. Asonye, Rector